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Here's the difference: Nvidia MANDATES that you have a dual slot cooler, whereas with ATI it is an OPTION. You can put an XT PE in a Shuttle, but 6800 Ultras can't be done without heavy modification of the case. There is nothing inherently wrong with dual slot coolers until they are your only choice. What's the best PCI slot cooler? | [H]ard|Forum The thing is with dual slot, I'd think the Vcool could suck in more cool air than the blitztorm which is only single slot, however, the blitztorm has TWO fans. So what's the best choice? Will one of these improve my gpu temps by say 5c? Is there anything better out there? Why hasn't someone made like a triple fan, dual slot pci cooler by now? "Cooling it" between heats - General Technical Info & Advice ...

I was checking out of curiosity about an aftermarket dual-slot cooler for my GPU and I couldn't find any available at my place or some other places as well. When I say dual-slot, I mean the whole card with the cooler to take 2 slots, not just the cooler to be 2-slot an then with the card it makes 3 slots.

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5 days ago ... When I started to take deep learning or machine learning in general, ... CPU; Storage solution; Motherboard; A Cooling Solution; Case ... performance is slow, takes up a lot more space and is more prone to data damage and corruption. ... DIMM slots for RAM; PCIe slots for GPUs; M2 slots for NVMe SSDs (if ...

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