European parliament resolution on the integrity of online gambling

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History and Legal Aspects of the Dispute

Gambling and European Law - The Law Reviews 56 European Parliament Resolution of 10 March 2009 on the integrity of online gambling (2008/2215(INI)). A European Online Gambling Study - GamblingCompliance The formation of an expert group on gambling has also provided a forum for information exchange and dialogue. The European Parliament added its voice to the debate. Stakeholders also followed the debates surrounding the European Parliament’s resolution on online gambling voted on in September 2013. The EU Is Split Over Online Gambling -

The European Parliament’s Resolution on Online Gambling

gambling and betting in the EU Member States8, a series of Presidency progress reports9, the resolution of the European Parliament on online gambling in the Internal Market10 and to the Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee11. 2. KEY CHALLENGES AND PROPOSED RESPONSES A European Online Gambling Study - GamblingCompliance

The Remote Gambling Bill was passed in Parliament on Tuesday, in spite of a more than three hour debate involving 10 Members of Parliament, during which a number expressed reservations against the allowance for exemptions under the law …

Istanbul resolution Anglais - Having regard to the European Parliament resolution on the integrity of online gambling adopted on 10 March 2009, Whereas the organisation of lotteries, sport betting and gambling services are to be considered as economic services of a very particular nature, Europeans are not fully protected by EU rules for online ...

European Union Unable To Agree On Online Gaming Accords

on the integrity of online gambling (2008/2215(INI)) The European Parliament, – having regard to Article 49 of the EC Treaty, – having regard to the Protocol on the application of the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality annexed to the EC Treaty, European Parliament resolution of 10 March 2009 on the ... Gambling and Social Responsibility. 05/05/2019 Problem Gambling News. Government under fire for failing to back mandatory betting levy 25/04/2019 Problem Gambling News. Ladbrokes wooed problem gambler – then paid victims £1m 17/12/2018 NEWSPAPERS. THE GUARDIAN NEWS 16/09/2018 ... Casino news | ECA welcomes online gaming decision